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itsThis review was first published on CLUAS in 2001
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The Frames

A review of the album 'For the Birds'

The Frames - For the birdsWell what can be said? Here it is. I feel a bit like my granny just gave me an out-of-the-blue present and instead of getting the usual sweaters and socks, I get this beautiful hand-crafted, unique and breathtaking grandfather clock. everything about it is amazing; the little engravings are unique, the cogs that make the clock work are freshly oiled and work like a dream and just the thought of all the work that went into putting it together makes you believe in all that is good in this world.

'For the Birds' is my grandfather clock. From start to finish it's a sheer pleasure. Even though I have heard Lay me Down about a hundred times, each time i put it on its like hearing it for the first time; the beautiful harmonies, the hand-played drums and the lovely words. 'Giving me Wings' is so quiet and timid that you're nearly afraid to make any noise during it in case the whole thing falls apart. 'In the deep shade', the instrumental opener, is haunting and gentile with Rachel Grimes piano adding a lovely dimension to it. 'What happens when the heart just stops' is a wondrous listen that gets better which each listen whilst 'Friends and Foe' is just plain extraordinary.

I have a suspicion that 'For the Birds' is THE album that the Frames have always threatened to make. if it is it has without a doubt been worth the wait. if however its not that album then THE album will be most amazing record thinkable.

At the end of last year they gave us songs from a promised work, this time they have given us a whole lot more. thank you Frames, the pleasure is all ours.

Paul O'Reilly