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This review was first published on CLUAS in 2005
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A review of their album 'Some Cities'

Doves - Some CitiesReview Snapshot:
The hype surrounding this album is well justified. Their first release in 3 years (since 2002's collection of B-sides 'Lost Sides') Doves are still on top form and don't seem to have lost anything of what it was that caught our attention on their previous releases.

The CLUAS Verdict? 7.9 out of 10.

Full review:
With this album they return to the days of The Last Broadcast's 'Pounding', reflecting ever more the steady heartbeat of city living. The most striking characteristic of this album is Doves' ability to keep driving on, sustaining their persistent rhythmic ideas throughout, particularly on this album's 'Black and White Town'.

Also with the driving beat of modern rock, Doves are capable of beautiful synth and string arrangements which contrast pleasantly with the standard drums-bass-guitar combos. Often they conjure echoes of early Gomez, and always are the vocals calmly expressive, as in 'The Storm', which evokes the insomniac city, and its music tired night lights illuminating rivulets of rain like tears on car windows.

Some Cities is rich with imagery. Full in texture and sound, and featuring some unexpected BRMC style bluesy guitar riffs, the title track 'Some Cities' holds something each of us can recognise - our own discrete memories and connections.

'Ambition' stepped straight out of a dream, like the voice of inner conscience, and 'Someday Soon' straight out of a dream of love broken. 'Black and White Town' shows us the inertia of confining and personality-less satellite towns.

Each track is personal, yet universal; driving, yet softly emotional. Through this album they have expanded what we know them so well for.

Anna Murray

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