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This review was first published on CLUAS in 2001
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Adrian Crowley

A review of his debut album 'When you are here you are family'

Like all memorable albums, this absorbing new collection from Adrian Crowley opens as it intends to go on. The pliable and picturesque 'Tall Ships' contradicts its apparent broodiness, cutting through the water, creating a swell that carries you safely through the remainder of the songs. Always as uplifting as it is chillsome, the combination of Kate Ellis' airy cello, Thomas Haugh's tenderness on the tubs and Crowley's divine leadership never fails to hit the mark.

Adrian Crowley 'When you are here you are family'No doubt, a great deal of thought went into the album's running order. The track selection is impeccable throughout and is highlighted best by the contrast between the melancholic instrumental 'Starlings' and the open-armed opus 'Only Daughter'. If the former is the mid-ocean sunset, then the latter is the school of dolphins swimming in the moonlight alongside. That's what I got from it this time anyway, I'm sure it'll be something different next time because 'When You Are Here...' in all its dreaminess will unlock the imagination.

When you listen you certainly will feel like family. This well-cultivated and assured piece of work deserves your ears. Album of the year?... bring on them Cluas polls.

Frank McNally