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Download their song 'Seen it so well'

Subrosa from DublinColbert, Harnett and Slevin formed the band whilst in school together in early 1995. Soon after the 3 piece became four when Daniel Jacobson was recruited to play keyboards. The band's style developed over the next 3 years, during much of this period the band was fronted by a mal vocalist. This partnership came to an end in early 1998. The 4 original members continued to making music whilst trying to find a vocalist that would compliment their original sounding style,. It wasn't until late '98 that they were introduced to Sarah Verdon. They exchanged thoughts and ideas on music and there was plenty of common ground. Instantly they formed a strong musical bond which has developed ever since. The Subrosa sound is a strong mix of contemporary styles converging in a mix of organic electronic and timeless guitar music.

Subrosa are:
Mark Colbert - drums / percussion / vocals
Sarah Verdon - vocals
Paul Slevin - bass
Barry Harnett - guitars
Daniel Jacobson - keyboards / guitar / percussion

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