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Smokin' Arizona

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Northern Ireland band "Smokin' Arizona"Smokin' Arizona began life as a bunch of 16 year old dossers from Belfast, caught up in the all-engulfing wave of Britpop sweeping the nation in the mid-90s.

After a string of shambolic yet riotous gigs at such renowned venues as Ashleigh hall and MCB's Whitla hall, the line up changed and evolved. The dossiest of the dossers fell by the wayside, leaving the rest of the dossers to carry on as best they could. Singer Marty joined guitarist and tunesmith Matt and bassist and sheep lover Jodie, the only surviving members of the Oasis strumming covers outfit that gave birth to Smokin' Arizona.

A four track demo was recorded in September 1999 and in February 2000 the new track "Loser" (which is featured here) was laid down. Already played on the 'Evening Session' in Northern Ireland, the track represents a leap forward for the band combining a bangin' loop with hard-hitting grooves and a funky tune. The track “Changes” was recorded in April 2000 for inclusion on the Energy Fields compilation that ex-Undertone John O’Neill is putting togeteher (and who thinks 'Loser' has a "f*ckin excellent guitar solo"). A CD should be released in September and will be backed up by some promotional gigs.

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