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Want to advertise on CLUAS?

It's easier than you might have thought...

If you want to advertise on CLUAS it's a cinch. All ads on CLUAS (text and banner ads) are managed by the "Adwords" programme of our Ad broker If you want to advertise on CLUAS you will need to sign up for Google's industry leading "AdWords" programme and then set up a new campaign that targets using their "Site targeting" formula. This way you will be able to run text or banner ads (or both!) on CLUAS.

So I have a Google "Adwords" account, now what?

Google's site-targeted advertising campaign is the way to go. Once logged into "Adwords" advertisers can start a new campaign that specifically targets and then simply set a "max CPM" ? that is, the maximum price they're willing to pay for every thousand impressions their ad receives on Your ad - which can be a text ad or a banner ad - will, along with other site-targeted ads and keyword ads, compete for advertising space on CLUAS. The higher "max CPM" you indicate the more likely your ad will be to appear on a CLUAS page. 

Google's technology ensures that advertisers pay no more than the minimum price needed to run an ad on the site. In many cases, they pay a price lower than your max CPM. This model is different from other CPM models, where advertisers must pay a fixed CPM. The Adwords programme also allows you to track your ad campaigns, see how many ads appear in a given period on a given website and follow the "click through' rate of any advertisements you run.

What sort of banner ads can I run on CLUAS?

Currently CLUAS accepts banner ads with the following dimensions:

  • 120x600 ('skyscraper' style): this sort of ad would run vertically along the left hand side of every page on the CLUAS website.

Image, text or video ads can run in the above ad type.