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Macy Gray

Wembley Arena, London, 5th April 2000

Excellent gig! Macy had a lot to live up to but surpassed herself on the night with a brilliant set which included a surprise duet with Moloko performing the current hit "The Time is Now".

Macy GrayVirtually all the songs from "On How Life Is" were featured and funked up to the fans' delight. She is an incredible performer and entertainer - even when completely stoned. She must have rolled a big phat one that night because she kept disappearing for 15 minute breaks... maybe that was for the costume changes... Still, she sounded amazing.

The show was a real winner, packed full of the sassy attitude that is Macy Gray. In her own words, she was the "baddest bitch in Wembley" that night. Hope she comes back for more. I'll be waiting.

Suneet Joseph

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