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Review of their gig in the Point Depot, Dublin, 22 July '99

dEUS set list in Point Depot, DublinOnce upon a time from the land of scrumptious chocolate came a band called dEUS. They wrote their name funny, released wonderful albums with songs about suds, arithmetic, hotel lounges and soda. At the recent Blur gig in the Point they were middle of the bill, above 'Shack' (frankly appalling scouser-oasis-with-more-attitude. Mate!) and below the great Blur. Unfortunately for the headline band dEUS almost managed to over-shadow them.

As the set list here testifies they opened with the current single 'Sister Dew' and continued with a best of package that fed us yummie treats like 'Little Arithmetic', 'Suds n' Soda', 'Instant Street' and 'Magic Hour'. This was my first time seeing them live and hearing more than just the singles. The proof of the pudding is that since the gig I've bought the albums. Belgian products? They never tasted or sounded sweeter.

Paul O'Reilly

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