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Jul 21

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009  RssIcon

Mark KozelekAloof as ever, Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon and previously Red House Painters, had a very quick word with Anna Murray ahead of his Andrew’s Lane gig this Thursday.

Do you regret the demise of Red House Painters?
I never saw it as a demise. Sounds a bit dramatic. Those guys are some of my best friends, and all of them are involved in Sun Kil Moon. Jerry and Phil play and travel with me on the SKM tours, and Anthony plays drums on the records.

You are famous as much for rearranging other peoples' songs as for writing your own. 'Cover versions' are so often derided as being uncreative and unoriginal - what do you think of that attitude?
I've talked too much on the covers thing, beat it to death. People think whatever they think about it, what can you do?

You have been involved in quite a broad range of collaborations (with other musicians, labels etc) than most artists. Do you think it's important to the development of your musicianship to be involved in so many things?
It doesn't really affect me as I don't involve my self in other projects in a very big way. I won't commit to anything if it’s going to eat into my own space.

Has your close working relationship with Alan Sparhawk of Low and his unique aesthetic had any influence over your own work?
Not in any way really. But it’s interesting to see how another artist works. Alan has a pretty hardcore work ethic, and it’s kind of fascinating for me to watch.

What made you re-issue Nights of Passed Over?
Long story, but the deal went sour with my book in Portugal. I wanted to put out a newer, updated version that I had some control over, that fans could find easily.

Have you any interest in publishing more of your writing?
Not at the moment.

Most of your Sun Kil Moon albums have had a thread of narrative links. Do you think concept is important to the creation of an album?
I don't really think about all that. I just record songs until there are enough for an album. Many of the songs are spread over a few years, if not more - so I’d say that I’ve never really made a concept album from a to z the way a band like Pink Floyd would go about it.

Of all the records you have been involved in (writing, playing or production), do you have a favourite to listen to?
Whatever the current one is. I never listen to the older records, unless I have to for some reference or something, like to remember what key the song was in.

Will there be a linking thread to your live show or do you go with the flow?
Usually go with the flow, which I think upsets people!

Anna Murray 


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Re: Mark Kozelek

Fair enough he was a bit aloof but it did feel like the interview was just a series of pre-written questions. I think you would have got more mileage out of picking three or four topics and raising them one at a time, whilst responding to what answers he gave.

Someone like Kozelek you have to draw the insight out of him. If he thinks you're just reading from a script of questions he'll work it out quick and give you the bare minimum of engagement.

Still enjoyed the interview. Thanks,

By Rich on   Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Re: Mark Kozelek

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