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Peter Doherty (Live in Dublin)

Jan 21

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Thursday, January 21, 2010  RssIcon

Pete Doherty, live in The Academy, Dublin

Review Snapshot: I didn’t expect him to show up. Nor indeed did I expect him to show up with two ballerinas in tow. But show up he did. He was on form too.

The Cluas Verdict? 9/10

Peter Doherty

Full Review: Pete Doherty packed The Academy last night, along with fellow Babyshambles member Adam Ficek, otherwise known as Roses Kings Castles, who was supporting. After an enjoyable albeit low key warm-up courtesy of Mr. Ficek, the Reverend Doherty kicked off around nine-ish. The crowd religiously belted out the opening numbers, which included ‘The ha ha wall’, ‘Kilamangiro’ & ‘Don’t look back into the sun’.

Next was ‘Arcadia’, a popular tune from Doherty’s latest solo effort ‘Grace/Wastelands’, released last March. Those bizarre ballerinas I mentioned drifted in and out of the entire set. But I don’t think anyone paid any attention to them. I didn’t. Most of the audience were transfixed and delighted with Doherty’s fluid, energetic performance. ‘Beg, steal or borrow’, ‘New love grows on trees’ and ‘Time for Heroes’ where next up. The energy level amongst the crowd did not drop for a moment. Pete occasionally sat on his stool, flanked by two amps, wiping off sweat with a scarf discarded by some adoring fan. He ploughed on happily, by playing ‘In love with a feeling’ and Libertines’ crowd pleaser ‘Can’t stand me now’, strutting around the stage, occasionally pausing to stalk the front row.

Then the house lights went up. A hush went through the venue as the music stopped. Pete walked up to the mic; ‘Just stepping out for a fag’ he quipped, ‘back in a mo’. Roars and roars of ecstatic appreciation immediately followed. The Academy was way beyond what can be described as hot last night. He returned to round off his show playing ‘F*ck forever’, that one throwing the crowd over the cliff edge with excitement, ‘Delivery’ and a slightly altered version of ‘Down in Albion’. The English cities mentioned in that song were replaced with Irish ones. That drew the set too a close.

All in all a very entertaining gig. I had hoped too include some criticism, but the performance was faultless. It's good too see that when Pete can keep himself out of the red-tops for a few months and busy himself with music, things come back together quickly. He isn’t a spent force. In fact, if he keeps playing like he is now, he’s in real danger of getting even better.

Donal Armstrong

  • Note from Editor: Corrections made to some song titles after some errors were pointed out in the comments below.


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Re: Peter Doherty (Live in Dublin)

You should learn the names of the songs before writing a review!

By Mary Wheeler on   Saturday, January 23, 2010

Re: Peter Doherty (Live in Dublin)

Bang on review, i went to see him in belfast last night expecting the worst, ended up blown away!! Pete's back and in fine form!

By Jaime McDonald on   Saturday, January 23, 2010

Re: Peter Doherty (Live in Dublin)

'kids in the riot' is actually called 'time for heroes'. A pleasing review as i was at the galway show and echo everything you said. would be more pleasing if you actually knew the names of his songs though!

By michael kelly on   Saturday, January 23, 2010

Re: Peter Doherty (Live in Dublin)

'Kids in the riot' is actually called 'time for heroes' i was at the galway show and echo your views but please do your research if you dont know the subject matter.

By michael kelly on   Monday, February 15, 2010

Re: Peter Doherty (Live in Dublin)

nice review, same opinion bout the song names though. nevermind, good to see peter`s back on stage and out of the tabloids. good for him! let`s hope he`ll keep that goin!

By kate rush on   Monday, January 25, 2010

Re: Peter Doherty (Live in Dublin)

Kids in the riot

By Rory Mullen on   Friday, December 10, 2010

Re: Peter Doherty (Live in Dublin)

I agree with the above comments, this shouldn't have really been published though to be honest, it brings the tone of the website down if reviewers don't even know the names of the songs that have been played. "arcady" is "arcadia". Killamanjiro is actually spelt "kilamangiro" and as mentioned "kids in the riot" is not the name of the song. You could have at least googled the lyrics. But in fairness it is down to cluas that this has been published when it shouldn't have been, Cluas is a place for people who take journalism seriously and want to make a career out of it, so it's a bit annoying that that this was allowed up when it is more than mediocre.

By annoyed budding journalist on   Monday, February 01, 2010

Re: Peter Doherty (Live in Dublin)

Harsh!!!! Budding Journo

I was just delighted someone bothered to review him...I enjoyed the gig!!

By CeolgoLor on   Tuesday, February 02, 2010

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