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21 September - 4 October

Sep 20

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Sun, 20 Sep 2009 21:04:35 GMT  RssIcon

Gig of the fortnight is... The Jesus Lizard

Jesus LizardWhere and When?
Button Factory, Dublin - 22/09


There has been a raft of 80's and 90's indie rock band reunions in recent years from the likes of bands such as The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine and just this month Pavement, all of whom in their previous, younger lives had some level of success or the likes of Mission Of Burma who never really found the audience their astonishing music deserved.  Falling more into the second category than the first is Chicago's Jesus Lizard who since getting back into the game earlier this year have thrown themselves into this whole reunion business with far more intensity than pretty much anyone else has.  Front man David Yow is still the total nutter he was a decade ago and it wouldn't be a bad guess to estimate that he's spent a good 35% of his gigging time this year on top of the crowd or battling security guards. 

I can only offer two pieces of advice with regard to this gig.  The first is obvious, GO, it's going to be awesome.  The other is for God's sake unless you want a half naked dude that's pushing 50 landing on your face do not stand front and centre for it.

Also this fortnight

Olympia, Dublin - 30/09, 01/10, 02/10

William Elliott Whitmore
Cyprus Avenue, Cork - 22/09

Whelan's (Upstairs), Dublin - 25/09

Kinky Friedman
Whelan's, Dublin - 26/09
The Pavillion, Cork - 27/09

Cyprus Avenue, Cork - 27/09

Crawdaddy, Dublin - 29/09
Cyprus Ave., Cork - 30/09

The Village, Dublin - 01/10

Spring and Airbrake, Belfast - 21/09
Acadamy, Dublin - 22/09

Mumford & Sons
Academy 2, Dublin - 26/09


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