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Metallica @ Marley Park, Dublin (20/08/2008)

Aug 21

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Ok, this is not a review in the traditional sense as I cannot work the interweb interface thingimy widget but basically...

1) Metallica are a nostalgia band. Their career peak was 1991 with the release of 'Metallica' aka the Black album. After that they got into orchestral arrangements of their work, hunting bears in Russia and suing their fans. Not cool.

2) There appears to be an implied but pronounced influence on their career from the movie, and touring band of the same name, Spinal Tap, notably in the tragic Cliff Burton Twister Tour Bus incident.

3) As a result, having released an album with a black cover in homage of Spinal Tap's 14th studio release 'Smell The Glove',  Metallica have now ventured into the realm of free jazz championed by Spinal Tap in 'Jazz Odyssey' with the impeding release of 'Death Magnetic', a track from which was showcased at Marley Park with the title, 'Cyanide'.

4) Metallica have also worked 'pyros', so beloved of 80's bands such as Poison, into their stage show.

5) The band managed to be boring and exciting at the same time during their live set.

6) At one stage in proceedings, James Hetfield entertained the crowd with a display of shadow puppetry.

7) Some fans were disappointed at the band's failure to follow up a scorching live rendition of 'Whiskey In The Jar' with a cover of 'Seven Drunken Nights' in honour of the late Ronnie Drew.

8) You can't beat a good song (see above).

The Sound Waves Verdict? Bring on the minature version of Stonehenge lads.

Photo Credit: The band depicted may or may not be Metallica.






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Re: Metallica @ Marley Park, Dublin (20/08/2008)



Though I must add that the Metallica documentary from a few years back slots right into your Spinal Tap theme. Cardigans, grumpy fathers, psychobabble geeks... If Rob Reiner had thought of these things, they would have made the Spinal movie!

By stephen on   8/22/2008

Re: Metallica @ Marley Park, Dublin (20/08/2008)

Class gig, cant wait for the return

By Martina O'Malley on   8/22/2008

Re: Metallica @ Marley Park, Dublin (20/08/2008)

I don't remember any pyros at Marley Park. Should I demand my money back? I was pis*ed drunk so maybe my memory is playing tricks on me. On the plus side, they did play Enter Sandman so I left happy. ( Apart from problems getting into the site and going home afterwards, about which I have just dispatched a politely worded letter of complaint to MCD. )

By John Doe on   8/22/2008

Re: Metallica @ Marley Park, Dublin (20/08/2008)

Metallic rocked in Marley Pk. Whiskey in the Jar and One were the highlights of the night. Hope they come back next year

By Dolph on   8/22/2008

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