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The Ramones: All About The T Shirts?

Jul 6

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7/6/2007  RssIcon

A sly reference to The Ramones in the chick flick 'Music & Lyrics' and Richie Ramone's desire for, "a taste of that T-Shirt money" leads Sound Waves to ask, is the lasting legacy of The Ramones really just a hip T-Shirt?

I was watching both 'Music & Lyrics' and ' End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones' in quick succession recently. In the former, the female pop superstar Cora is seen during one scene wearing a figure hugging, grey Ramones t-shirt and in the latter Richie Ramone is heard complaining that he never got a cut of 'the t-shirt' money during his time on the band. It got me thinking that perhaps the lasting legacy of The Ramones might just be a sartorial look which can be yours for just €24.99 in all good record stores. Along with the "CBGBs" t-shirt that I have seen many an aging Irish music industry guest judge on "You're A Star' wearing around Dublin it seems to be the most popular mass produced garment at present for those who want to be seen expressing their individuality and their belief in a personal freedom. The Ramones were famous for having a 'uniform' that remained as rigid and unchanging as their music and one which Dee Dee railed against but I do wonder from time to time if their onstage look and the logo which is the motif of the t-shirt was the pinnacle of their creativity, whether their lasting influence is not on music but on casual fashion and brand awareness. Hey, I love "Cretin Hop" but maybe it was Gap and not Green Day that learned the most from them. After all, there's no stoppin' the cretins from shoppin'.

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Re: The Ramones: All About The T Shirts?

The Ramones were always a cartoon band so sticking their logo on a T-Shirt/Lunchbox/whatever is sort of in keeping with that. I agree that people wearing a Ramones T-Shirt are just doing it as a sort of statement, like all T-Shirts with a logo on it really? whether it's brand name, a band, your fave sports team or whatever. Didn't Levis do an MC5 T-shirt a while back? I guarantee you most people who bought it have no idea who MC5 are! I wouldn't get to hung up on it though, the music is still there and that is all that really matters.

Green day are pants though. American Idiots, never has an album been more inline with the trade despcription act (unless they called it "utter pants") :)

By Binokular on   7/6/2007

Re: The Ramones: All About The T Shirts?

great post Rev

By UnaRocks on   7/6/2007

Re: The Ramones: All About The T Shirts?

A mate of mine swears he overheard the following conversation between two employees of the Virgin Megastore in Liffey Valley

Employee 1: You know that t-shirt you have? The one with The Ramones on it?

Employee 2: Yeah

Employee 1: Well, The Ramones are a band. Did you know that?

Employee 2: No.

By Pool Cleaning Guy on   7/7/2007

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