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Regular dispatches from Reverend Jules,'s man in the line up. Recent columns include:
By Rev Jules on 12/24/2009
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By Rev Jules on 10/9/2009
If there has been one technological development that has changed forever the way that surfers hunt for waves, it is the internet. Of the many web based applications that have assisted in the search for stoke, a few have achieved eminence, namely Google Earth, Wind Guru and Magic Seaweed. Indeed, Google Earth even begat the now famous Surfing Magazine Google Earth Challenge.

Many a surfer has become bleary eyed staring at the screen of a laptop or PC, gazing at these websites in an attempt to answer the eternal question, "Where do I head to in order to find waves?". The only problem being that once on the road it was hard to update your information on changing conditions, without ringing a pal with immediate access to an internet connected computer.

By Rev Jules on 9/17/2009
Artist: Noah & The Whale Song: Blue Skies Album: The First Days of Spring

Artist: The Hold Steady Song: Stay Positive Album: Stay Positive  

Artist: Doves Song: Winter Skies Album: Kingdom of Rust  

Artist: The Blizzards Song: First Girl to Leave Town Album: A Public Display of Affection  

Artist: Laura Izibor Song: Shine Album: Truth to be Told  

Artist: The Zutons Song: Hello Conscience Album: Tired of Hanging Around  

Artist: Stereo MCs Song: Black Gold Album: Double Bubble  

[Image Credit: 'Walking on Water', shot by Rev Jules, Co. Clare 13th September 2009]


By Rev Jules on 9/15/2009
Bodhi: If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love. [Point Break, 1991]

Sound Waves is saddened to hear of the untimely death of Patrick Swayze, the Texas born actor, choreographer and dancer who made some of the most iconic  movies of the 1980s and 1990s and who, in the character of Bodhi, embodied a particular kind of surfing archetype; the zen master wave rider who takes a wrong turning in his life onto a road paved with darkness, a classic theme revisted in Tim Winton's recent novel, "Breath"

Although the character of Bodhi was a synthesis, the line of dialogue quoted above and the film's final scene on Bells Beach was clearly inspired by Mark Foo, the famous Hawaiian surfer who died in a freak accident at Mavericks and who was often quoted as saying, "If you want to ride the ultimate wave, you have to be willing to pay the ultimate price"

Although sometimes derided for being melodramatic, 'Point Break' has endured in popular culture and Sound Waves has yet to meet a surfer who is unable to quote memorable lines from the movie. Given the outstanding physicality of Swayze's onscreen performances, it is a cruel irony that his death was caused by a disease that slowly robs patients of their physical well being long before claiming their lives.

By Rev Jules on 8/24/2009

By Rev Jules on 8/24/2009

By Rev Jules on 7/3/2009

By Rev Jules on 6/25/2009

This is the MySpace page of Ambulance Ltd.

This the trailer for The Ben Player Project.


By Rev Jules on 6/16/2009
Although Bruce Springsteen’s songs tend to focus on highways, as Prefab Sprout slyly observed in their song ‘Cars and Girls’, it is a little known fact that in 1967 The Boss tried his hand at surfing in New Jersey.According to his lifelong friend and band mate Steve Van Zandt however, Bruce did not have as much success with wave riding as he did with guitar playing. In an interview with, Van Zandt’s opined that it was a bizarre hobby for Bruce to choose as surfing wasn’t cool in New Jersey at that time, “So we went to the beach so he could demonstrate it to me. He goes out. First wave, he gets up on it, falls off it, surfboard comes up and knocks out his front teeth. He comes in dragging the board, bleeding like he's had his throat cut. I told him I'd take a rain check on it."In 2007, New Jersey blogger Paul Mulshine posted the following on his NJ Voices blog, “I was out at my favorite surf spot the other day....I was surprised to see Springsteen out there. He was ripping it up on a longboard. It's rare...
By Rev Jules on 6/15/2009

Artist: Cois Cladaigh Chamber Choir
Album: Lux Aeterna
Year: 2000

Artist: Juliet Turner
Album: Burn The Black Suit
Year: 2000

Artist: Skindive
Album: Skindive
Year: 2001

Artist: Sean Millar
Album: Tarzan's Ambition
Year: 2002

Artist: Pauline Scanlon
Album: Red Colour Sun
Year: 2003

Artist: Clive Barnes
Album: Goldtooth Cinnamon
Year: 2003

Artist: Bray Vista
Album: When I Get There {EP}
Year: 2004

Artist: Bap Kennedy
Album: The Big Picture
Year: 2005

Artist: Bell X1
Album: Flock
Year: 2005

Artist; David Lyttle
Album: True Story
Year: 2007
By Rev Jules on 6/13/2009
The most significant aspect of the list as far as Sound Waves is concerned is how little hip hop appears to have influenced the Irish music scene compared to other European countries such as England and France and that is strange when you consider how influential punk was on previous generations of Irish bands such as the embryonic U2 who have cited a concert by the Clash in Belfast as a formative influence. It is not as if Irish musicians have been starved of opportunities for hearing the music, given the predominance of it on television and radio and the opportunities to see leading practitioners such as Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and Eminem play live dates in Ireland.Instead, the dominant direction of Irish music during a period of unprecedented affluence in Ireland's history has been the kind of soft rock, singer/songwriter fare that previously emanated from 'Post Golden' California in the 1970s. It might be stretching things to say this but Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan and Glen Hansard may just be the Jackson Browne,...
By Rev Jules on 3/1/2009
No line on the horizon
No gas in the tank
No sign of stocks rising
No cash in the bank
By Rev Jules on 12/15/2008
Title: Black Ice

Artist: AC/DC

Essential Track: Rock 'n' Roll Train


Title: The Seldom Seen Kid

Artist: Elbow

Essential Track: Grounds for Divorce


Title: Viva la Vida

Artist: Coldplay

Essential Track: Strawberry Swing


Title: Pacific Ocean Blue

Artist: Dennis Wilson

Essential Track: River Song


Title: Oracular Spectacular

Artist: MGMT

Essential Track: Kids


Title: Everything that Happens will Happen Today

Artist: David Byrne / Brian Eno

Essential Track: One Fine Day


In other business...

Music Highlight of 2008: Glen Hansard's Oscar Win for 'Falling Slowly'

Music Lowlight of 2008 (tie): X Factor releasing 'Hallelujah' / Sigur Ros' latest album

Music TV Highlight of 2008 #1: FUR TV

Music TV Highlight of 2008 #2: Jay - Z at Glastonbury

Music TV Lowlight of 2008 #1: Zhang Yimou's choice and use of music in the opening & closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics.

By Rev Jules on 10/15/2008

'Real L**e' by Lucinda Williams

'Pride (In the name of L**e' by U2

'Don't call this L**e' by Leon Jackson

'L**e you anyway' by Boyzone

'L**e is noise' by The Verve

'L**e song' by Sara Bareilles

'L**e Lockdown' by Kayne West

to name but a few.

By Rev Jules on 8/29/2008
Friday 19th Bridge Bar: The Unwanted (Cathy Jordan & Seamie O'Dowd) 7.00pm Jumping Jacks:  Donal Dineen 12.00pm Paris:  Belle & Sebastian (DJ Set) 11.30pm / David Kitt (DJ Set)  1.30am Saturday 20th Marquee:    Onya 12.00pm                 Stewart Agnew 1.15pm                 Ultan 2.30pm                 Juno Falls 3.45pm                 David Kitt 5.30pm                 Kila 7.15pm                 Republic of Loose 9.15pm                 Asian Dub Foundation 10.45pm Bar Tent:    Indoor Growers League, Mark Black,                 Modal Citizen Quartet etc.. All Day Sunday 21st Bridge Bar:   Sofa SundayAll Ireland Final 1.00pm                  Model Citizen Quartet                  D.J. Kid Cam Till late Festival kicks off Friday in the Bridge Bar at 7.00pm with Cathy Jordan aka Dervish with her new band The Unwanted. Exclusive gig and were delighted to have her and her new band followed by Sligo man Samie O'dowd and his four piece rock...
By Rev Jules on 8/21/2008
1) Metallica are a nostalgia band. Their career peak was 1991 with the release of 'Metallica' aka the Black album. After that they got into orchestral arrangements of their work, hunting bears in Russia and suing their fans. Not cool.

2) There appears to be an implied but pronounced influence on their career from the movie, and touring band of the same name, Spinal Tap, notably in the tragic Cliff Burton Twister Tour Bus incident.

3) As a result, having released an album with a black cover in homage of Spinal Tap's 14th studio release 'Smell The Glove',  Metallica have now ventured into the realm of free jazz championed by Spinal Tap in 'Jazz Odyssey' with the impeding release of 'Death Magnetic', a track from which was showcased at Marley Park with the title, 'Cyanide'.

4) Metallica have also worked 'pyros', so beloved of 80's bands such as Poison,...
By Rev Jules on 8/21/2008
I don't like Radiohead. Their music brings to mind thin, pale, pretentious young men living in damp digs in a rain soaked back street somewhere in Galway that are too fond of the works of Samuel Beckett and woodbines. I am however a fan of Brad Meldhu, the brilliant American jazz musician who, it turns out, has a penchant for interpreting the songs of Radiohead on his albums in much the same way that one of his influences, the great Oscar Peterson frequently interpreted the songs of Cole Porter. Although there is no sign of a 'Brad Meldhu Plays the Radiohead Song Book' CD issuing anytime soon from his label Nonesuch Records, Sound Waves humbly suggests a tentative partial tracking listing for any such release and asks readers of Cluas to suggest any other songs by Radiohead that might suit Meldhu's interpretative gifts.


Track: "Exit Music (For a Film)"

Album: Art of the Trio: Vol. 3

By Rev Jules on 8/19/2008
David Lyttle is, at 23, already a force to be reckoned with in New Irish Jazz. The list of musicians that this gifted pecussionist , composer and band leader has played with reads like a whos who of the music; Louis Stewart, Michael Buckley, Ronan Guilfoyle and Myles Drennan. Lyttle was accompanied for this live date by the wonderful bassist Michael Janisch and Soweto Kinch who is the recipient of two MOBOs, three BBC jazz awards and a Mercury nomination.

I remember once listening to an interview with the late Benny Green who was asked to define jazz in one word. His answer escapes me now but if I was to be asked the same question, my answer would be, 'feeling'. All of the jazz artists I love and admire, such as Charlie Mingus, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, Louis Stewart, Brad Meldhu and Chet Baker play with a tremendous depth of feeling and, last Sunday,...
By Rev Jules on 8/15/2008
Surfer Phil Edwards once famously termed all those who did not surf as, "the legions of the unjazzed". More recently Alex Wade, in his book 'Surf Nation', spent a chapter contemplating the possible links between the jazz music and surfing, specifically long boarding. They are views that Sound Waves empathises with, having been a lifelong, if not especially committed or knowledgeable, fan of jazz.

Notwithstanding that, advances in music playback technology have resulted in yours truly not having a stereo at home for something in the order of 5 years. I resisted the lure of i-Pod. I clung dearly to my CD buying habits, using my laptop to create mix CDs from my collection to play in the car. The car therefore became my listening room but set its own boundaries. Fast driving rock and roll by the likes of Teddy Thompson found favour but the complex patterns of Steve Reich proved overpowering and claustrophobic. My first MP3 player was a free gift thanks to a judiciously placed order for office products, it held...
By Rev Jules on 8/7/2008

By Rev Jules on 7/15/2008

1) '99 Problems' by Jay-Z

2) 'Viva La Vida' by Coldplay

3) 'Why Must I Apologise' by Colm Lynch

4) 'Kids' by MGMT

5) 'River Song' by Dennis Wilson

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