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Best "newly discovered" Aussie bands, 2008...

Dec 19

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12/19/2008 9:17 PM  RssIcon

Prompted by French Letter, here are some of Short Cuts' favourite "newly discovered" Aussie bands.

Tame Impala are exactly 1 EP old. My knowledge stretches as far as being able to confirm that they are a 3 piece from Perth. But that's about it! What intrigues me about them (apart from their truly bonkers name) is whether a young, psychedelic band who wear their influences so openly can be successful. They've made a cracking start (nabbing the support slot on the recent MGMT headline tour of Australia) so omens are good.

Here's my favourite track from that debut EP. It's called Half Full Glass of Wine. And it has a drum solo!

The Red Sun Band are another band whose influences are long and obvious. That doesn't stop their dreamy music hitting the heights of Blonde Redhead's last, and rather lovely album, 23. Their second album, The Shiralee, came out in June and Heartbreaker is their latest single here in Oz.

And finally, we bring you You Am I. Certainly the best known of the bands on this blog entry (they've been around for nearly 20 years), but Short Cuts has only recently discovered their rather delightful Australian garage rock. This is from their eighth and latest record, Dilettantes.


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Re: Best "newly discovered" Aussie bands, 2008...

Good stuff - that song by The Red Sun Band is lovely. Tame Impala seem like a good laugh too. But I saw You Am I in Dublin about 10 years ago and they rocked a lot harder than that.

Anyway, don't be keeping all this deadly music to yourself!

By aidan on   12/26/2008 12:03 PM