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Key Note Speaker Vol. 1 - Headgear

Nov 29

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Thursday, November 29, 2007  RssIcon

Welcome to the first edition of Key Note Speaker. Each week Key Notes will ask a band/artist 15 (mostly) music related questions and then allow that band/artist the opportunity to let you – the much valued Key Notes reader – know what they’re up to next.

This edition features Headgear; the Limerick band whose album Flight Cases has been shortlisted for the CLUAS Album of the Year 2007. The musical project of Dublin Born Daragh Dukes (DD); Headgear describe themselves as a ‘collage of folk, electronica and rock.’ Along with colleague Barra O’Toole (BO'T) - Headgear’s ‘Guitar Department’ - Dukes becomes the inaugural Key Note Speaker.

Favourite Songs from the Past Year
DD: My Body is a Cage - Arcade Fire; Atlas - Battles; 15 Step - Radiohead
BO’T: Sunny Sweeny's - I'm Gonna Be The Next Big Nothin

Favourite Song Ever
DD: Moon River - Henry Mancini
BO’T: Danny Whitten - I Don't Want To Talk About It

Favourite Headgear Song
DD: Generally it's the next one I'm going to write
BO’T: Will They Be Friendly? and the, as yet unwritten, At Least The Gun that's At My Head Is Mine

Favourite New Band/Artist
DD: Fight Like Apes sound like good craic
BO’T: Sunny Sweeny

Favourite Band/Artist Ever
DD: I would change this every day. Today, though, I will say Tom Waits
BO’T: Neil Young, Hank Williams and many others if I'm drunk and they happen to come on the music playing machine I'm hanging on to for dear life in the corner. And The Bothy Band   

Favourite Gig This Year
DD: Si Schroeder at The Electric Picnic
BO’T: Felonius A. Salt and the Bottle of Rum, Crawdaddy, Dublin

Favourite Gig Ever
DD: Radiohead at The Olympia
BO’T: Ron Sexmith at The Belltable, Limerick about 12/13 years ago

Favourite Headgear Gig Ever
DD: It's going on in my head at the moment
BO’T: Cherry Jam, London

Favourite Venue
DD: Guerin's Bar, Castleconnell
BO’T: Dolan's, Limerick

Favourite Piece of Musical Equipment
DD: My old Jazzmaster that i bought for 200 quid 16 years ago
BO’T: A finely polished Bugle

Download or CD/Cassette/Record
DD: They've all got something to offer but vinyl definitely has more to give
BO’T: No preference. Do people still use cassette?

Favourite TV Show at the Moment
DD: I don't know anything about it
BO’T: Just finished a couple seasons worth of the US version of The Office. FACT: Very funny. And before that 30 Rock. I don't watch anything week to week

Best Movie Ever Seen
DD: 2001 A Space Odyssey
BO’T: Singin' In The Rain...depending on my mood...Dead Man directed by Jim Jarmusch. Or if it's after midnight Key Largo or The Maltese Falcon or probably anything with Humphrey Bogart

Greatest Book Ever Read
DD: Pnin by Nabokov
BO’T: The Stories of Breece D'J Pancake and Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. And The London A-Z...obviously

Most Listened to Radio Show
DD: JK Ensemble
BO’T: I don't own a radio

What’s in Store for Headgear Next
DD: New version of To Heaven will be released end of January 2008 along with some live shows. A new album should be finished late 2008 - Headgear's Wild West - is the working title
BO’T: I can only speak for everyone ever connected with Headgear when I say that sobriety and surrender are not an option. The Treachery is too far gone. We will walk with The King next year. And maybe try for a guest appearance on Hall's Pictorial Weekly

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