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Lyon and Miss Kittin: cool for cats

Apr 12

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Sunday, April 12, 2009  RssIcon

Your correspondent took a rare trip out of the French capital recently. We went to Lyon, the second-largest city in France and only two hours south-east of Paris by high-speed train.
LyonOutside of France, most people probably know Lyon for the recent success of its football team. But the city is renowned as a centre of gastronomy. This demanded rigorous investigation, so your blogger duly ate his own body weight in fantastic local food. (We recommend boudin noir, the Lyon equivalent of black pudding but a zillion times nicer. Next time we'll have the andouillette, a kind of sausage.)
The centre of Lyon is a commercial strip of concrete slabs and the usual high street stores. The old part of town, Vieux Lyon, leads uphill to two uncanny reminders of Paris - a kitsch, oversized white church like Sacre Coeur atop Montmartre and a replica of the top half of the Eiffel Tower. But apart from that Lyon has its charm. We stayed in Croix Rousse, a quarter that's home to artists and small bars still defying the smoking ban.

As usual in a new town, we looked for record shops. There's a local branch of Gibert Joseph near Bellecour as well as large stores like Virgin and FNAC - but for small independent music dealers in Lyon you should head for the streets around the town hall, where there are a handful. Our favourite was Sofa on the rue d'Algerie, which stocks mainly vinyl and non-rock sounds such as hip-hop and electronica. (To our joy, in the world music section we found 'I Am Brazil' by the Redneck Manifesto. We prefer to believe that it wasn't misfiled because of the title and that Irishness is fiercely exotic to the Lyonnais.)

Anyway, we survived away from Paris and it gives us the opportunity to tell you about an upcoming festival in Lyon. Nuits Sonores takes place on 20-24 May in venues around the city.

Nuits Sonores 2009 in LyonNow in its seventh year, Nuits Sonores is a popular and well-respected electronica and indie gathering. This year's programme features established acts like Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, Miss Kittin, Holly Golightly and Dan Le Sac. The hipper-than-thee festival-goer will note the presence of Tiga, the Montreal-born DJ whose name is being dropped by other electronica acts the world over.

Miss Kittin is from Grenoble, so she won't have far to go for her Nuits Sonores show with The Hacker on 24 May. The pair have collaborated on a new album called 'Two' (their second long-player together, you see) and it's a superior set of melodic electro-clash floorfillers.

Before Lyon, Miss Kittin and The Hacker will be in Dublin on 3 May. Because they're French, this inevitably means their Dublin show is on at the ALT, the little Gallic musical enclave in Ireland. And, says Miss Kittin's MySpace giglist, later this summer they'll be in Paris, Madrid and... Naas! Of course, this is for Oxegen but at least they won't be shouting "'Allo, Dublin!"

(We feel bound to tell you that 'Naas' resembles a French word pronounced 'nazz' and which means 'very uncool'. If at Oxegen they tell you "You're Nazz!" and start giggling, now you're in on the joke and you can tell them to f**k off. It'll be gas.)

Miss Kittin and The Hacker are definitely not 'nazz'. Check out some of those 'Two' tracks on Miss Kittin's MySpace page, including '1000 Dreams', presented below in homemade video. Thanks to the Scottish community in Lyon:

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Re: Lyon and Miss Kittin: cool for cats

and they're bringing lighting gear and screens for their show on ALT. this is going to be sweet. a show not to be missed i think.

By Edith on   Thursday, April 16, 2009

Re: Lyon and Miss Kittin: cool for cats

Does that happen a lot, an act bringing their own lighting gear and asking you to work it? Are they then very demanding in what they want you to do?

By aidan on   Thursday, April 16, 2009

Re: Lyon and Miss Kittin: cool for cats

if they're bringing their own gear, they're bringing their lighting tech as well. so that means i'll help setting up, showing him around and then i can relax and enjoy the gig while he's doing the lights :-) birdy nam nam had their own lighting tech when they played live last year (may or june), and jamie lidell who played recently also had his own tech.
sometimes bands bring a few extra lights but nothing too big and ask me to do some special things for intro, or such song- strobe,flash,colors, black out etc...but nothing too complicated as you never really know their songs...

By Edith on   Friday, April 17, 2009

Re: Lyon and Miss Kittin: cool for cats

Ah, that gives me another question: do you listen to a band's material on CD in advance and then conceive ideas, or do you wait until you meet them for set-up and listen to what they want?

I'm going to e-mail you today or over the weekend about this...

By aidan on   Friday, April 17, 2009

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