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Watch the Birdy Nam Nam

Dec 10

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008  RssIcon

For all our talk of Nantes indie-rock and Grenoble disco-pop and Riviera synth-shoegazing, when you in Eire think of French music it's most likely Parisian electronica that comes to mind. So here's a French gig in Dublin that'll suit you.

Birdy Nam NamAcclaimed mixing quartet Birdy Nam Nam (right) are doing a DJ set at ALT in Dublin this Friday (12 December). Kick-off is at midnight - so should this be in the listings for Saturday 13 December instead? And what's the difference between DJs doing a DJ set and DJs doing an ordinary set? We're fairly confused. 

Birdy Nam Nam's thing is that there's four of 'em milling away at the turntables and twiddly knobs at the same time. So, they're like a DJ band, if you want to be simplistic about it. Their creativity and innovation has already made them world champions - they won the DMC Technics team prize in 2002. More recently, they've made it onto the soundtrack of 'Transporter 3', though admittedly that doesn't have the same cachet as winning the world championships.

Anyway, you can visit Birdy Nam Nam's MySpace page to check them out before you head along to ALT. And you can watch them in action here, in the video for 'Abbesses':

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Re: Watch the Birdy Nam Nam

their live show is their own creations and own tunes and own remixes of some tunes with their own stuff.
the dj set is playing other's music. -like justice did a month ago in the ambassador.- and other's remixes of their own music (to please the fans they often have to play some of their own stuff but as it is a dj set, they have to play remixes and not the original). so in alt on friday you'll get to hear Birdy Nam Nam influences (jazz, rock and electro) and various remixes if they have any.
and this is supposed to be a 4 hour solo set (4 members in birdy nam nam). (and i don't how its gonna happen with the other show before and the closing law at 2.30 but we'll figure it out on friday!)
here you go, you got all the details... well almost, i won't put the technical rider here... will i?
i can't F****** wait!

By Edith on   Thursday, December 11, 2008

Re: Watch the Birdy Nam Nam

Wouldn't it be cool if you all got raided by the police at 2:35am? "Hands up, this is a raid! It's twenty-five to three - and you played one of your own songs in a DJ set. Take 'em away, boys! And smash up that lighting console too!'

(Of course, as a famous French rocker you'd be released from prison faster than everybody else...)

By aidan on   Friday, December 12, 2008

Re: Watch the Birdy Nam Nam

don't you dare touching my new lighting desk!

By Edith on   Friday, December 12, 2008

Re: Watch the Birdy Nam Nam

"if you all got raided by the police at 2:35am"
you called them last night didn't you?
send me an email if you want to know details, i don't really want to say publicly what happened.

By Edith on   Saturday, December 13, 2008

Re: Watch the Birdy Nam Nam

Wow! I'll drop you a line.

By aidan on   Saturday, December 13, 2008

Re: Watch the Birdy Nam Nam

what dj stuff they use?

By mark on   Saturday, October 16, 2010

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