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My Bloody Valentine: Paris gig in July

Jan 28

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Monday, January 28, 2008  RssIcon

The first Irish band to announce a French show for 2008 are... [drum roll] ...The Dubliners, playing the Olympia in Paris on Saint Patrick's night.

But the second Irish* act to confirm a Paris gig are the reformed My Bloody Valentine (right), who have just announced a concert at the Zénith on 9 July.

The Zénith is a 6,000+ capacity indoor venue at the north-eastern edge of the city. As Kevin Shields and co. are something of a cult band here in France too, and given the likelihood of MBV trips to Paris by eager Irish and UK fans, we reckon this'll sell out toot sweet.

Tickets have just gone on sale and cost €42.80 from FNAC (in French) and the French equivalent of 'usual outlets'.

Start planning your summer holidays, MBV fans!

*The FNAC site calls them 'irlandais', so that settles that, then.

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