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By CLUAS Writers on Thursday, July 29, 2010
A review of the album 'Playing out: Songs for children and robots' by The Crayonettes. Crayonettes - Playing out: Songs for children and robotsReview snapshot: Former punk queen Anna Spencer and folk singer Kathryn Williams combine their hatred towards CDs for children to make an interesting first adult-friendly and intelligent album aimed at kids.

Cluas Verdict?: 7 out of 10.

Full Review: The Crayonettes is the union of popular folk songstress Kathryn Williams and lead singer of Newcastle Punk band, “Delicate Vomit”, Anna Spencer. The concept of the album is just as endearing as the actual songs.

The two music veterans have relatively recently become mothers and discovered a mutual disdain for the common and fervent Children’s CDs. They wanted to produce an adult...