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Cluas Gigs of the Fortnight

The best gigs across Ireland during the period 27 November to 10 December 2006...

Gig of the fortnight is........ Jeff Tweedy

Where and When?
Vicar Street, Dublin - 29th December

Why? There are some people who believe Jeff Tweedy to be the finest songwriter of his generation.

There are some people who believe Jeff Tweedy to be the finest songwriter to come along since Bob Dylan.

I am not one of those people.

I do however recognise that he can write a hell of a tune and with Wilco not having played here outside of a festival in more than half a decade he's making a long overdue return to these shores. Just don't hop up on stage and give him a kiss.

Best of the Rest

Coldspoon Conspiracy

Where and When?
Roisin Dubh, Galway - 30th November
Crawdaddy, Dublin - 2nd December

Step right up folks, step right up. The Coldspoon Conspiracy are going and they're going fast. By 23:00 on Saturday December 2nd they'll be gone never to return - unless they do a reunion tour.

However these are the final gigs that they're ever planning to play and your last chance to see one of the best bands in the country. Support in Galway comes from Crayonsmith and Alps from Australia; and take their final bow in Dublin with a little help from Cork's amazing Waiting Room.

Bell X1

Where and When?
INEC, Kilarney - 28th November
Savoy, Cork - 29th November
The Point, Dublin - 1st December

Bell X1 have spent much of the year away from Ireland and save for playing Oxegen this current tour is their first Irish dates since the spring which is a big change when you consider that just a couple of years ago they were playing a Dublin date every couple of months. They wrap up the tour with a trio of dates this fortnight.

Support on all gigs comes from Delorentos and Simple Kid.

Gang Of Four

Where and When?
Tripod, Dublin - 10th December

There's not much to saw about Gang Of Four besides ?If you don't own a copy of Entertainment there's a giant hole in your record collection?.

Whoever booked the Electric Picnic and put these guys on at the same time as Bloc Party probably needs their ears syringed.


Where and When?
Mc Hugh's, Drogheda - 30th November
Cyprus Avenue, Cork - 1st December
Ten, Waterford - 2nd December
Dolan's, Limerick - 3rd December
The Left Bank, Sligo - 7th December
Speakeasy, Belfast - 8th December
Ambassador, Dublin - 9th December
Roisin Dubh, Galway - 10th December

It's been a good few months for Director. Their album We thrive on big cities has been mounting a steady assault on the Irish charts and gathering a nice collection of good notices whilst doing so.

The Malahide quartet are embarking on an extensive Irish tour including a pretty ambitious gig in The Ambassador.

Also this fortnight:
Crawdaddy, Dublin - 29th November
Peter, Bjorn and John
The Village, Dublin - 2nd December
Cyprus Aveneue, Cork - 3rd December
Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly
Whelan's, Dublin - 30th November
David Kitt
Vicar Street, Dublin - 8th December
Fionn Regan
Whelan's, Dublin - 3rd December
Brandon Flowers and the Vegas Strip Band The Killers
Point, Dublin - 30th November

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