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Cluas Gigs of the Fortnight

The best gigs across Ireland during the period 13 to 26 November 2006...

Gig of the fortnight is........ The Flaming Lips

Where and When?
Vicar Street, Dublin - 18th & 19th November

Why? For the past few years your humble gig guide editor has had to put up with friends of his harping on about how The Flaming Lips? last gig in Vicar Street was just about the greatest thing to happen to the world since God said ?let there be light."

The good news, they're going back there and the show has barely changed in the intervening years so I'll get to see pretty much the exact same thing that they did then.

The bad news, they're going back there and the show has barely changed in the intervening years so I'll see pretty much the exact same thing I've seen 3 times since they played there.

Best of the Rest
Final Fantasy
Bruce Springsteen

Where and When?
The Point, Dublin - 17th,18th & 19th October
Odyssy Arena, Belfast - 21st November

The Boss? visit to Ireland earlier in the year with his Seegar Session band were said to be nothing short of spellbinding. If you missed out on it the first time then here's a chance to make up for it.

Unless you're one of the many people who couldn't get a ticket for any of the nights.

In which case you're screwed.

Paul Buchanan

Where and When?
Vicar Street, Dublin - 21st November

Not the most prolific of musicians is Paul Buchanan. But when his material is so conscientiously prepared as his is we'll just have to accept that there'll only be one Blue Nile record a decade.


Where and When?
The Point, Dublin - 22nd November

Maynard James Keenan may be one of the most important figures in rock music, it was he who helped to introduce art-rock into the rigidly defined structures of Heavy Metal whilst still managing to pay homage to grindcore, death metal, and thrash and as a result spawned a myriad of followers. They visit Ireland in promotion of their first album in 5 years, 10,000 days.

Support comes from Mastodon who recently released what may well be the prog-metal album of the decade.

Grizzly Bear

Where and When?
Whelan's, Dublin - 24th November

Don'tcha just hate it when it happens. You start out with you and a friend messing about with a tape recorder recording a few tunes. You hand the results, entitled Horn Of Plenty out to your mates and one of them winds up giving it to someone at a label and it winds up being released. So annoying.

Cue a couple of years of touring and the release of a rapturously received second album, Yellow House, and they wind up playing Whelan's on what will probably be a freezing November night.

The Coldspoon Conspiracy

Where and When?
An Cruiscin L?, Cork - 23rd November
Dolans (opening for Giveamanakick), Limerick - 24th November

Sadly The Coldspoon Conspiracy are soon to be no more. They've got one final send off happening in Dublin at the start of next month but before that there's a couple they wave a fond farewell to Munster with this brace of gigs.
Also this fortnight:
Bell X1
Mandela Hall, Belfast - 22nd November
Nerve Center, Derry - 23rd November
The Royal Theatre, Castlebar - 24th November
The Forum, Waterford - 25th November
Ron Sexsmith
Spring & Airbrake, Belfast - 16th November
Dolan's, Limerick - 17th November
The Crane Lane Theatre, Cork - 18th November
The village, Dublin - 19th November
Twilight Singers - Feat Greg Dulli & Mark Lanegan
The Village, Dublin - 18th November
Limelight, Belfast - 19th November

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