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Cluas Gigs of the Fortnight

The best gigs across Ireland during the period 08 to 21 May 2006

Gig of the fortnight is........  Final Fantasy

Where and When?
Whelan's, Dublin - 14th May

Why? It didn't make many waves upon it's release but Final Fantasy's (a.k.a. Owen Pallett's) debut album "Final Fantasy has a good home" was one of the finest albums released in 2005 and by all reports the upcoming "He Poos Clouds" (released May 19th) surpasses it with ease.

This will be Pallett's debut Irish appearance as Final Fantasy but the former Hidden Camera did play last year's Electric Picnic as part of Arcade Fire after he'd arranged strings for them on ?Funeral? and they asked him to join the live band. This is not one to miss; one man, his violin and a loop pedal playing the most impossibly gorgeous chamber-pop (and the occasionally Mariah Carey cover), what more could you want?

Best of the Rest

Broken Social Scene

Where and When?
The Warwick, Galway - 17th May
Vicar Street, Dublin - 18th May

Thank heavens for A.T.P., their appearance in Camber Sands in a few weeks means that a mere 3 months after their stunning debut Irish gig in the Temple Bar Music Centre Broken Social Scene return to Ireland sooner than they might have.

Their previous album, 2003's ?You Forgot It In People? is one of the finest albums recorded this decade so, naturally, it was pretty much ignored on this side of the Atlantic. Fortunately in the intervening years de meeja over here decided that Canada was something of a musical hotbed and anything coming out of there gets at least a furtive look upon its release. This means that BSS? latest eponymous (not as good as the last one but still pretty damn good) album could be the one to thrust the near-20 strong Toronto collective into the limelight they so richly deserve. Go, go, GO! to this gig if you can.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Where and When?
Vicar Street, Dublin - 15th May
Mandella Hall, Belfast - 16th May

Forget the more successful Dandy Warhols, the real stars of the documentary Dig! were The Brian Jonestown Massacre and in particular the band's frontman Anton Newcome.

With interest in the band at the highest point it's ever been in these islands thanks to the film it's likely that a healthy crowd will show up for this gig. The only question is will they be there for the music or will they be there to see if anyone gets kicked in the face.

Bert Jansch

Where and When?
Roisin Dubh, Galway - 8th May
Dolan's, Limerick - 9th May
Cyprus Avenue, Cork - 10th May
Whelan's, Dublin - 11th May

Often credited with doing for the acoustic guitar what Hendrix did for the electric one Scottish folk rocker Bert Jansch is one of the most influential musicians ever with both Neil Young and Jimi Page citing him as a major figure in their musical development.

His continued presence on this mortal coil has probably prevented him from achieving the same cult status as the not dissimilar sounding Nick Drake but you shouldn't let a little thing like not dieing stop you from appreciating his music.

Also this fortnight:
King Biscuit Time
Spring And Airbrake, Belfast - 12th May
Dolan's, Limerick - 13th May
Cyprus Avenue, Cork - 14th May
Whelan's, Dublin - 15th May
Jose Gonzalez
Olympia, Dublin - 8th May
Spring And Airbrake, Belfast - 9th May
Emm Gryner
The Stables, Mullingar - 13th May
Sugar Club, Dublin - 15th May
Architecture In Helsinki
The Village, Dublin - 14th May
Snow Patrol
Ulster Hall, Belfast - 8th May
Presidents Of The United States
Vicar Street, Dublin - 21th May
Crawdaddy, Dublin - 18th May
Spirit Store, Dundalk - 19th May

CLUAS 'Gigs of the Fortnight' is compiled and edited by the CLUAS listings editor, Ian Wright.

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