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Submit Details of an Upcoming Gig

Let us know about an upcoming gig...

Are you in a band and you want to get publicity for a gig or a tour you are about to do? Or are you a promoter or managing a venue and you want to get the word out about a gig you have coming up? Well then submit the details of the gig via this page and CLUAS might even highlight it in its new 'Gigs of the fortnight' section. Also once we have this info from you we might (repeat: might) be able to get a CLUAS writer down to cover the gig for the website. For your information any details submitted on this page will land in the lap of the the CLUAS writer who is looking after the's new 'Gigs of the fortnight' section. Feel free as well to announce details of your gigs FOR FREE on the Gig section of the widely read CLUAS discussion board.

Form for Submitting Details of an upcoming gig:

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Info on the the gig / tour / act:

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