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Submit a Gig Review to CLUAS for Publication

Everyone is invited to contribute to the site. No exceptions.

This is the page from which gig reviews can (and must) be submitted. If you want to submit an album review you're in the wrong place, instead go and visit the dedicated album review submission page.

Update July 2009: The form for submitting gig reviews is not working at the moment. Instead please submit a review to us by email to:


In the email please provide us with:

  • Name of artist whose gig you reviewed: 
  • Concert venue: 
  • Date of concert: (format: DD Month YYYY)
  • A 75-100 word (approx) synopsis of your gig review (his is for the 'Review snapshot' CLUAS now publishes with each gig review)
  • Your main review text (guideline length is approx 500 words, but we are flexible...)
  • Your rating of the gig on a scale of 0 ('stomach churning') to 10 ('performance of unprecedented genius'). Half scores are allowed. A score of 7.5 or higher should only be used for a performance of considerable quality.

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