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Film Review: Spy Game

Robbie Redford and Brad Pitt's latest spy in the sky

Nathan (Robert Redford) is working his last day at the CIA. As well as having a regular desk job, he also served in the Vietnam war and as an undercover agent in Germany. Wherever he is assigned, his old mate Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt) pops up like the proverbial bad penny. When Tom is arrested for espionage in China, Nathan's plans for an easy last day and stress-free retirement go out the window, as he must secretly attempt to free him without the permission of the top brass at the CIA.

Brad Pitt in SpygameSpy Game is one of those films you think you've seen before but haven't. Perhaps it's the clich? story-line (cop working his last day must save his buddy from certain & painful death). Perhaps it's the clich? characters. For whatever reason it's very familiar, but also very very tedious. It's only two hours five minutes long, but feels so much longer. It's stylish, and there's nothing wrong with Redford & Pitt's performances, but it just doesn't work somehow.

With so many quality films out at the moment, and with Harry Potter & Lord Of The Rings doing all of the box-office, this will definitely end up filed as one of the 'also-rans'. Disappointing.

Derek Nagle

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