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Film Review: The Parole Officer

Steeve Coogan makes his debut on the big screen

An unlikely caper about an eccentric parole officer framed for a crime he did not do. Not that this matters much as the the film is a vehicle for Coogan to demonstrate his immense comic talents.

Stev Coogan in 'The Parole Officer'The plot moves seamlessly from one comic set piece to another. Poking fun at gangsters, officer workers, the old, familiar material to Alan Partridge fans. Even if your not a fan you will be pleasantly surprised by this light hearted British comedy. There is also a shock cameo which will ensure this film is remembered long after it deserves to be.

A cast of familiar if not household British screen actors competently thread over familiar bank heist territory, laughs are plentiful if not always hearty. The one impression you are left with, is that the cast on this film really enjoyed making it! As Alan Partridge would say "Steve Coogan, the second best British comic of his generation ", takes a step into the big time.

Keith Smith

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