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Film Review: Ocean's 11

Does this remake sink to the floor of the ocean?

Fraudster Danny Ocean is just out of prison, and he is on a mission to pull off one last major payday. To do the heist, he needs a crew, so he gathers together eleven very different crooks, and gets down to business.

Ocean's 11Starring George Clooney and directed by Oscar winning Stephen Soderbergh, with many of Hollywood's biggest stars, one would expect a very cool and entertaining piece of cinema. What we get is a major disappointment. Clooney is uncool., Pitt is unpleasant, Roberts cold, and the rest hardly get a look in. The real acting is left up to old timers Elliot Gould and Carl Reiner. Even the much hyped soundtrack is a let down, with Belfast Dj David Holmes unearthing a Elvis classic and then, having it used out of context, wastes its potential impact.

Ocean's Eleven is painfully clever and there's plenty of eye-candy for the ladies, but, to paraphrase Elvis, a little less conversation and a bit more humour, would have made this film a lot better. Underwhelming.

Kevin Smith

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