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Film Review: Forces of Nature

If you are looking for a romantic comedy that has a little more substance than most, Forces of Nature could be for you. Ben Affleck plays Ben, a happily engaged writer who is on his way to his fianc?'s hometown Savannah, to get married. Scared of flying - this being Hollywood - the inevitable happens. His plane crashes on the runway before it even takes off. The passenger next to him (Sandra Bullock) is knocked unconscious and Affleck carries her off the plane. After she comes around, the two, having discovered that all flights are booked up, decide to split the cost of a car and drive down to their destinations. He to his wedding. She to her brother's house.

Of course nothing goes as planned. Various things happen which lengthen their journey and bring the two closer together. Affleck, who had his life nicely planned out, is thrown into turmoil by his feelings for the wild and carefree Bullock. And it soon becomes evident that all is not what it seems with her, as the story about her supposed destination changes constantly.

The two finally arrive in Savannah and Affleck must choose between Bullock and his fianc?. This film wasn't what I expected. There is a genuinely serious undertone to it. How can anyone know if they are with the right person? In the end Affleck learns that we can never really know. It is a leap of faith. The chemistry between the two characters is vibrant, and various special effects are used to great advantage, such as the scene where the two are running through a torrential rainstorm. While they run at normal speed, the rain falls in slow motion, providing a beautiful effect.

Forces of Nature proves to be one of the better romantic comedies of this year.

THE VERDICT? A superior romantic comedy. The perfect date movie.

Deborah Condon


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