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Film Review: A Beautiful Mind

Ron Howard & Russell Crowe make a dash for Oscar Glory, or do they?

Director Ron Howard brings to the screen the life of Nobel Prize wining economist and schizophrenic John F. Nash. Loosely, based on the book 'A Beautiful Mind' written by Columbia University professor Sylvia Nasar the film cuts out the murkier parts of his life to give us classic heart-warming, ?triumph over adversity? Hollywood story.

Russell Crowe in 'A Beautiful Mind'What a story it is. Russell Crowe is outstanding as Nash , the insecure young genius, the tormented professor, the Nobel prize winner. Crowe gets to play every emotion, and he does it superbly. Like Daniel Day Lewis (My Left Foot), and Dustin Hoffman (Rainman), it is in the portrayal of a person with a disability that shows what a good actor is really capable of.

One of the best films of the year, this is a beautiful but biased story. If you want the truth read the biography, if you want to know about Nash`s great work read ?The Essential John Nash? also by Sylvia Nasa. If you want to be entertained, see the film.

Kevin Smith

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