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Film Review: American Pie 2

Is it a half-baked effort 2nd time around?

It's a few years since our first slice of American pie and if you liked your first slice then you'll love your second. A year on from the their prom night the guys and galls meet up again for a summer of partying. What we get is the same embarrassing gags, lots of sexual innuendo, and some really gross moments. Unfortunately the audience is also a bit longer in the tooth and the shock value of gross out comedy has been diminished and the infantile humour did on occasion grate a little.

Fans of Mena Suvari and Chris Klein will be disappointed as Survai appears to have just fitted in this movie in between flights. Basically the comic scenes for the first movie are redone, only better! Which works very well. Tying up the loose ends is more difficult as this is not really a coming of age movie, the main characters basically come together have a party and then go back to college.

I enjoyed this movie and many others will also, but at this stage may they not ruin it all by making a third one. That would only lead to indigestion.

Kevin Smith

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