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Last Post 11/20/2010 9:37 AM by  comet
Sufjan's The Age of Adz and Neil Young's Le Noise...
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10/10/2010 4:47 PM
    ... is it just me or are both these records just difficult/annoying to listen to?

    Le Noise first. I think some of the songs on there are strong - nothing too different thought. So they're given a reverb/echo treatment that's disconcerting to say the least. But I'm clearly missing something as this record is getting very strong reviews. I'd be interested in the CLUAS view.

    The Age of Adz is just plain bad, as far as I can tell. I'm sure it's a reflection of Sufjan's state of mind but it's a deflating listen. A dirge of bleeps, honks, squeaks with his voice buried deep in the mix. Again, some of the online blogs are saying this is his masterpiece. What am I missing here?!

    Have I turned into a grumpy old man!!
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    10/15/2010 4:04 AM
    Stephen, I haven't heard either of these two records yet. Although I have Sufjan's 'All Delighted People' EP he released back in August/Sept. While it has its moments, it lacks the consistent charm and warmth and melody of his earlier albums. Will check out some of the tracks on Age of Adz. Bleeps and honks? Am Curious.
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    11/20/2010 9:37 AM
    I agree I've just had a listen to The Age of Adz after reading some great reviews and annoying is exactly how I would describe it, its not my cup of tea and I won't be dipping back in for a second listen.