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Favourite Irish albums of the CLUAS writers

Chris Ford's top 5 Irish albums of all time...

Van Morrison 'No Guru No Method No Teacher'Act: Van Morrison
Album:  'No Guru, No Method, No Teacher'
I love this album. "In the Garden" helps me to know that those that have passed on from my life are still there, always with me. "Got to Go Back"- I hear this and I am ready to head to the airport and buy a ticket back to Ireland, my homeland.  "Here Comes the Knight", a love song of kingly proportions, it has a very swashbuckling feel to it. I have to admit that listening to anything by Van Morrison makes me want to head down to the nearest pub and have a pint.

Sinead O'Connor 'She Who Dwells'Act: Sinead O?Connor
Album: 'She Who Dwells'
I had never been a fan of Sinead O'Connor - I don?t know if it was all the ?off screen? antics that went with her life or not, I don?t think so, but an artist?s work should stand alone. However when I was given this album I was completely blown away. She seems finally at peace with herself, less angry with the world. If Van Morrison is the poet laureate of Ireland then Sinead is the Queen of Soul.

U2 'Joshua Tree'Act: U2
Album: 'The Joshua Tree'
The Joshua Tree is THE album. If I had to choose one that I could not live without, this would be it. From the driving 'Where the Streets have no name' to the pure sexuality of 'With or Without you' to the sadness and hope of ?One Tree Hill? - saying goodbye, hoping to meet again, knowing that you will. The sad beauty of ?Mothers of the Disappeared?, it breaks your heart.

U2 "Achtung Baby"Act: U2
Album: 'Achtung Baby'
Another I can?t live without. When I hear the song ?One?, it still sends shivers up my spine. ?We get to carry each other?. It?s a privilege to be able to carry each other, not a burden. ?Until The End of The World?- it?s as if you are hiding behind a bush, listening to Jesus and Judas bare their souls. ?So Cruel? - I love the line about disappearing in each other. We can be and are so cruel to each other.

Christy Moore 'Ride on'Act: Christy Moore
Album: 'Ride On'
If Sinead has the soul and Van has the poetry, then Christy has the spirit of Ireland. For me, listening to him sing "City of Chicago", it transports me right back to St. John?s Point in Donegal, my most favourite place on earth. I can feel the troubles that he sings about. I can feel what my grandparents must have felt so many years ago. ?Lisdoonvarna?- every time I hear it, it reminds me of the day I walked down the main street of that town, in the pouring rain, with this song running through my head and a smile on my face.

(bullet) Allen Conlan (bullet) Anthony Morrissey (bullet) Brano (bullet) Brian Farrelly (bullet) Brian Kelly (bullet) Celine O'Malley (bullet) Chris Ford (bullet) Ciaran Wrenn (bullet) Cormac Looney (bullet) Donal Griffin (bullet) Dromed (bullet) Gav Reilly (bullet) Hugh Tynan (bullet) Jimmy Murphy (bullet) Jules Jackson (bullet) Ollie O'Leary (bullet) Stephen McNulty (bullet)

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