The World's Biggest Indie Music Search Engine seeks Volunteers

Help build the world's most comprehensive search engine for indie music

In its ongoing attempt to build the world's most comprehensive indie music search engine, the music webzine is seeking volunteers to help identify even more sites to include in its growing search engine. Try out the indie music search engine if you haven't already done so:

Do you know excellent music review sites, MP3 blogs, discussion forums, indie record labels or band sites that should be included in the search results? Maybe your band's website or the fan site of your favorite indie act is not coming up in the search results of the indie music search engine? Then, by following the simple steps below, you can volunteer to join our fully open, collaborative effort and tell us about those sites. We are using the "Custom Search Engine" service provided by Google to build the indie music search engine which means that volunteers will, within a few hours, see any sites they identify appearing in our search results for relevant search terms. And if you already have a Google account (such as a Gmail account) you will find it incredibly easy to start submitting sites for inclusion.

So - without further ado - indie music fans around the world, just follow these steps and you will soon be adding sites to be included in the world's most comprehensive search engine:

You will be able to add additional sites to be included or excluded in the Indie Music Search Engine. The 'Google marker' can be used - it allows you to easily add and label sites for inclusion. Do you want even more detailed info on including and excluding sites/pages into the search engine? Then check out this page.

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