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This review was first published on CLUAS in 2002
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DJ Assault

A review of his album 'Jefferson Ave.'

DJ Assault Jefferson AveDetroit's very own DJ Assault aka: Craig Adams is all about talkin' dirty and if you don't like his music he tells you to kiss his ass. Alrighty.

The new release, 'Jefferson Ave.' is what the kids are calling 'Booty Music' or (what I've read to be 'Ghetto Tech'). Butt-moving dance music that reeks of lyrics that are raunchy and tasteless. Assault tells you how he likes his women, what he wants them to wear, what he likes them to do to him and... well you can take it from there.

Beats are strong and technologically sound - in a word - professional. The electronic driven side and the 'home-boy' attitude curiously work well together on the album. If you have a sense of humour and aren't too concerned about being politically correct you may find yourself agreeing that this is a great album not to be missed.

Felines beware, Assault is out with a purpose. He will find you and conquer you.

Connie Hartmann

(bullet) 'Jefferson Ave.' is released on Intuit Stolar records
(bullet) If you're interested in being 'Assaulted see his website here