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Last Post 10/16/2006 8:49 PM by  jamesmusic1000
Marshall AVT150 + Cab (Perfect Cond)
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10/16/2006 8:49 PM
    Marshall AVT150 Head and 4x12 cabinet Perfect condition €600 I'm selling my Marshall AVT unit below which is in perfect condition. Hardly ever used and hardly any scratchs at all on the whole unit. I have all the original boxes that it came in and even the manual and the FX footswitch pedal that I never even got around to using all still in the boxes. I dont have the use for this amazing sounding system so if you are interested give me a bell at (James) 0863589917 or email me at jamesmusic1000@hotmail.com http://www.jamjodesign.com/gear/Marshall%20AVT/marshall%20avt01.jpg http://www.jamjodesign.com/gear/Marshall%20AVT/marshall%20avt02.jpg http://www.jamjodesign.com/gear/Marshall%20AVT/marshall%20avt03.jpg The AVT150H is a 150 Watt head featuring 4 channels (Acoustic Emulation, Clean, OD1, OD2) and two DFX sections (one for Acoustic/Clean, the other for OD1/OD2). The AVT150H has separate Gain & Volume controls as well as individual scoop controls for the OD1 & OD2 channels, Master Volume & Master Presence controls, Parallel FX loop, Emulated DI & Headphone output and a heavy-duty 6-way LED footswitch. Features: * 150 watt * Impedance: 4 Ohm * 4 Channels * Acoustic Simulator * Speaker emulated DI output * Extension speaker output (x2) * Headphone jack (which mutes the speaker for silent practice) * 2x parallel FX loops with level control and front panel mix * 2 x 16 program DFX sections * 2 x Select switch * 2 x FX mix controls * 2 x Scoop switches * Bright switch * Master volume * Presence control * Dimensions: 671 x 271 x 250 (mm) * Weight: 15. Kg Marshall - AVT-412-A - 4x12'' AVT angled top cab New angled 4x12" 200 watt, Celestion loaded cabinet that delivers all the clean crisp sounds and roaring crunch in abundance. Switching to Overdrive takes you from those classic rock tones right through to the most contemporary slamming sounds. You will feel all the extra depth and sheer tonal weight of which only a head with a 4x12" is capable! Features: * 4x12" Celestion speakers * 200 Watts * Angled front * Heavy duty corners * Recessed handles