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Last Post 5/30/2011 1:15 PM by  SleepyRussian
Wanted: Lead Singer / Lyricist : Dublin
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1/14/2010 8:02 AM
    Enthusiastic and Driven Front Man or Woman wanted for an alternative dance beat driven rock band. Some one with a distinctive voice with the ability to sing low and sweet and loud and confrontational would be great, people with quirky / strange voices will definitely be considered, a strong stage presence is a definite must but the band most likely wont be gigging in the near future with the writing and recording of an album the first priority.

    Only serious people will be entertained all other members at present have been part of the Irish music scene for a number of years and are or have been involved in bands with record deals. sounds silly but we want someone with a professional attitude and professional ability. If you can provide demos for our listening that would be great but we will organize a jam to get the ball rolling and meet people.

    Band Name: None as yet
    Band Genre: Rock / Dance / Alternative / Electro
    Band Location: Dublin
    Influences: everything
    Potentially sounds like: The Killers / Muse / Modest Mouse / The Temper trap / The Big Pink / Pink Floyd / Red Hot chilli peppers a big mix of the lot really
    Positions Available: Lead Singer + Lyricist (Ability to play instruments is not required but would be a bonus)
    Desired Age Range: 25-35
    Available Sound Samples: Yes upon request.
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    5/30/2011 1:15 PM
    You have described my style of singing brilliantly (I think)..
    Anyway I would really like to jam with the band to see if I am what you are looking for...
    Also..I'm 17..would that be a problem? I'm a very mature 17 year old. I'm not trying to be funny, I really am.Seriously, I've been through a lot and it's my utmost wish to express the philosophical queeries that arise in my wavelength of thoughts every second of every day.
    On to my singing style... I..can't really describe it... apart from, vastly interchangeable. I can go remarkably high for a guy...(I suppose) but I like to be as original as possible while still sounding proffessional and well rounded.

    Pleases consider this proposal.