Irish Government launches insecure website about net security

As discovered by CLUAS.com webmaster, 2 July 2003

In July 2003 a number of international publications featured CLUAS.com after its webmaster Eoghan O'Neill discovered a serious security vulnerability on the Irish government's site www.netsecure.ie. Netsecure.ie is the official website of the Irish government which provides citizens with advice on - irony of ironies - how to be secure when using the internet (Click here to see a screendump of the vulnerability in action). The vulnerability was corrected by the government only after it was brought to their attention by CLUAS. The powers that be went on to thank Eoghan for his vigilance but their embarrassment was amplified by a number of articles that appeared in the national and international press. See below for some examples:

UK-based IT magazine www.techworld.ie ran a full feature on the find.
Irish IT site techcentral.ie also ran an article highlighting CLUAS's discovery.
Irish IT news website ENN.ie managed to get a government spokesperson on the defensive.
'Ireland on Sunday' ran a full-page article on the discovery (6 July 2003).
Even the Italians heard about it thanks to trovanome.ie who ran an article (in Italian, Google translation available here).

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